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“End the uncertainty” call from European Parliament as MEPs and Lords debate citizens’ rights
Posted: Wednesday 01 Mar 2017
MEPs in Lebanon: funding alone will not solve the crisis, better resettlement tools are needed
Posted: Thursday 22 Sep 2016
Post-referendum Q&A
Posted: Wednesday 27 Jul 2016
Labour MEPs: Key questions remain over EU-US Safe Harbour data transfer agreement
Posted: Tuesday 02 Feb 2016
Labour MEPs: EU must ensure hotspots are fully implemented and work on long-term solution to refugee crisis
Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015
Data deal with US must be immediately suspended and replaced by new, solid framework for data transfers, says Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes
Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015
Claude Moraes MEP will vote today to support protection for authentic, original London Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring
Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015
Hungary's treatment of refugees is against the letter and spirit of EU law, warns senior Euro-MP
Posted: Thursday 17 Sep 2015
Hungary is not enforcing EU law, Hungary stands outside EU values
Posted: Saturday 05 Sep 2015
Labour MEPs welcome EU funding to tackle youth unemployment
Posted: Wednesday 29 Apr 2015
Local MEP calls for further EU legislation to save the lives of thousands of workers
Posted: Tuesday 28 Apr 2015
Labour MEPs support campaign for World Down Syndrome Day
Posted: Friday 20 Mar 2015
February TTIP update: - Labour MEPs secure massive support from European social democrats against private tribunals in trade deals
Posted: Tuesday 10 Mar 2015
January TTIP update: Labour MEPs lead efforts to ensure public concerns on ISDS are addressed
Posted: Friday 30 Jan 2015
December TTIP update: Labour MEPs call on Clegg to remove public services and NHS from EU-US trade deal
Posted: Tuesday 23 Dec 2014

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