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My work on intergenerational solidarity and ageism in the UK & EU

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Posted: Monday 01 Aug 2016

The active ageing intergroup of the European Parliament, which I am the Vice-President for, hosted a key event in May as a part of the 8th European Day of Solidarity between generations which took place at the end of April.  There are number of disadvantages and obstacles that still prevent the equal participation of the young and the older generations across the European Union. The joint event at the European Parliament was the opportunity to build the case for intergenerational exchange and solidarity and ensure that young and older people work together for the creation of fairer, more inclusive and sustainable societies for all ages. Previous studies conducted by AGE UK have shown that the UK is among the EU's worst countries for ageism, as a Labour MEP for London and Vice-President of the active ageing intergroup Claude Moraes will continue to put forward the case for having in place legislation that promotes more participation from young and older generations as well as effectively tackles age discrimination.

Posted by: Admin on Monday 01 Aug 2016

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