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EU-US data cooperation must put people's rights to privacy and secruity first

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Posted: Monday 01 Aug 2016

Claude Moraes MEP has continued to highlight concerns with key ongoing negotiations between the EU and the US that have huge implications for the digital economy and the protection of EU citizens' personal data. This includes international agreements like the proposed EU-US “Privacy Shield” agreement on which there continue to be major concerns such as the continued bulk collection of data by US national intelligence. He will continue to raise these concerns in meetings with US Congress discussions which will feed into our work in this field to ensure that terrorist and criminal investigators have the information they need without undermining adequate safeguards and strong encryption standards for citizens' data. This includes a further Parliamentary resolution on the Privacy Shield which will call on the Commission to make sure that the agreement is watertight and takes the new EU data protection regime into consideration, in order to avoid being annulled by the European Court of Justice once again.

On encryption, it is clear that this issue is a complex one that goes beyond politics. While law enforcement may require access to certain data for terrorist and criminal investigations, strong encryption is necessary to protect infrastructure and the security of citizens' data. The current discussion in the US on encryption and law enforcement shows that an in depth and careful reflection process with all interested parties is needed before putting forward hasty legislation.


Posted by: Admin on Monday 01 Aug 2016

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