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Labour MEPs welcome EU funding to tackle youth unemployment

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Posted: Wednesday 29 Apr 2015

Europe is facing a crisis with over 5 million young people in unemployment. Labour MEPs are fighting for new opportunities for young people in the UK and plan to vote in favour of EU funding to help create new jobs for those aged 16-25 years.

It is completely unacceptable that 743,000 people aged 16-24 years are unemployed in the UK. Surely Britain can do better than this for our young people.

The vote, which takes place on Wednesday 29 April, is for an amendment to the European Social Fund which would allow for an increase in pre-financing as part of the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI). This would mean that previously agreed funding could be accessed at the beginning on a scheme to allow for quick implementation.

Labour MEPs led the campaign in creating the YEI, which is available in regions where unemployment of 15-25 year olds is over 25%. The European Commission encourages Member States to use this funding to provide a Youth Guarantee, ensuring anyone under 25, who has been unemployed is offered: a good-quality job, continued education, an apprenticeship or further training.

Unfortunately, David Cameron chose not implement the Youth Guarantee; instead using the money to prop up his heavily criticised Youth Contract as part of his Work Programme.

Under Cameron, less than 13% of the 160,000 promised work placements were delivered and less than 1 in 3 of young people referred to the Work Programme have found a job.

The difference here is that Labour has pledged to combat this crisis by implementing a Jobs Guarantee. This would guarantee a job to all 16-24 year olds who have been unemployed for over a year. Proving once again Labour is the only Party that truly represents the many and not the top few.


Posted by: Admin on Wednesday 29 Apr 2015

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