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Labour MEPs support campaign for World Down Syndrome Day

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Posted: Friday 20 Mar 2015

Claude Moraes, Labour MEP for London, supported the UN's World Down Syndrome Day on Saturday, 21st March. Labour MEPs are encouraging everyone to help raise awareness, and prompt people to learn more about the vital roles that people with the condition play in our communities.

Claude Moraes MEP, Labour MEP for London, said:

"People with Down syndrome should be able to enjoy equal opportunities as children, and have equal choices about how they live their lives as adults.

"World Down Syndrome is about celebrating the achievements of people with Down syndrome, and demonstrating how, with support, they can play an active role in our communities"

Approximately 60,000 people in the UK have Down syndrome, which occurs in almost 1 in every 1000 births. Improved understanding by health workers and the general public has opened up new opportunities for people with the condition, enabling them to lead active, healthy lives.

Claude Moraes MEP added:

"A lot of people don't really know what it means to have Down syndrome, so Labour MEPs want to encourage people to take this opportunity to find out more."

More information about World Down Syndrome Day can be found here.



Posted by: Admin on Friday 20 Mar 2015

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