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“End the uncertainty” call from European Parliament as MEPs and Lords debate citizens’ rights

Posted: Wednesday 01 Mar 2017

Ahead of a debate today in the European Parliament on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, Labour MEPs have urged the British government to give them peace of mind by upholding their rights to remain in the UK after Brexit. The European Parliament debate takes place at the same time as the House of Lords debates amendments on citizens’ rights in the Brexit bill.

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UK influence and scrutiny of EU security policy at risk after Brexit, warns senior Euro-MP

Posted: Monday 28 Nov 2016

MEPs and representatives of national parliaments met today to discuss the framework of EU internal security policies and the democratic oversight and scrutiny of Europol’s activities – something British parliamentarians will no longer be involved in after Brexit, Labour MEPs have warned.

UK MPs and peers, including Yvette Cooper - chair of the home affairs select committee - were among those who questioned the Security Union Commissioner, Sir Julian King, and Europol director Rob Wainwright on the development of an EU Security Union and best practices for parliamentary scrutiny at the national level.

The meeting comes after the UK government’s recent confirmation it will remain part of Europol and continue to opt into cross-border crime fighting measures.

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MEPs in Lebanon: funding alone will not solve the crisis, better resettlement tools are needed

Posted: Thursday 22 Sep 2016

With around 1.5 million refugees fleeing to Lebanon since the start of the war in Syria, it is clear that the situation in the country is untenable and that substantial help is needed to avoid a complete breakdown, not only in terms of financial assistance, but also through improved resettlement tools, says Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes, who this week headed a delegation to Beirut.

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Labour MEPs: King’s approval by MEPs as EU Security Union Commissioner “great news” for Britain

Posted: Thursday 15 Sep 2016

MEPs have today approved the UK's new Commissioner-designate, Sir Julian King, as Commissioner for the Security Union.

The role will involve addressing the threat posed by returning foreign terrorist fighters; preventing and fighting radicalisation; improving information exchange; strengthening the European Counter Terrorism Centre; cutting the access of terrorists to firearms and explosives; fighting against cybercrime; and protecting citizens and critical infrastructures.


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Labour MEPs: Appointment of new EU Security Commissioner shows UK continues to have strong, positive role in Europe

Posted: Monday 12 Sep 2016

The appointment of a new British Commissioner to the Security Union portfolio will ensure the UK continues to have a strong, positive role in Europe, Labour MEPs have said ahead of Commissioner-designate Sir Julian King's confirmation hearing. He will be questioned by MEPs on the European Parliament civil liberties, justice and home affairs (LIBE) committee this evening, followed by a vote of all MEPs on Thursday.

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Post-referendum Q&A

Posted: Wednesday 27 Jul 2016

Following the referendum, what happens now? And what happens next? We answer the key questions people have been asking...

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Labour MEPs: Key questions remain over EU-US Safe Harbour data transfer agreement

Posted: Tuesday 02 Feb 2016

Labour MEPs have welcomed the progress made in the ongoing talks between the European Commission and US government on a new Safe Harbour framework, but warned that there remain a number of unanswered questions over safeguards for data collection, an independent complaints mechanism, and access to judicial redress for EU citizens.

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Labour MEPs: EU must ensure hotspots are fully implemented and work on long-term solution to refugee crisis

Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015

Labour MEPs today called on the European Commission and national governments to ensure the refugee relocation mechanism and "hot spots" are fully implemented without delay.

The European Parliament debated the humanitarian situation of refugees within the EU and neighbouring countries with Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and Luxembourg's minister Nicolas Schmit.

Labour MEPs also called for more work on long-term solutions to the refugee crisis, and a renewed focus on improving the situation of refugees in camps in Turkey and countries neighbouring Syria.


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Data deal with US must be immediately suspended and replaced by new, solid framework for data transfers, says Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes

Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015

The European Commission must immediately suspend the 'Safe Harbour' framework with the US and initiate a new, secure data protection framework that will guarantee the rights and privacy of European citizens, says the Chair of the European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee, Claude Moraes, following today's ruling of the European Court of Justice in the case regarding Facebook's transfer of EU citizens data to the US.

Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) statement on the European Court of Justice ruling declaring the Commission's US Safe Harbour decision invalid:

"I welcome the European Court of Justice decision today as it finally backs up the repeated calls from the European Parliament for the suspension of the US Safe Harbour framework on the grounds that it does not ensure the adequate level of protection required by EU data protection law.

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Claude Moraes MEP will vote today to support protection for authentic, original London Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring

Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015

Today in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg there will be a vote on the extension of geographical indication (GI) protection to non-agricultural products.

This means products like Scottish tartan, Harris tweed, London’s Saville Row bespoke tailoring, Stoke ceramics, Yorkshire stone will have the same GI protection as agriculture products like Melton Mowbray pies, Cornish pasties, Wensleydale cheese, Lincolnshire sausage, Arbroath smokies.

A geographical indication (GI) is a distinctive sign used to identify a product as originating in the territory of a particular country, region or locality where its quality, reputation or other characteristic is linked to its geographical origin.  GI therefore creates value for local communities through products that are deeply rooted in tradition, culture and geography.

Claude Moraes MEP voting today to support protection for authentic, original industries such as London's Savile Row bespoke tailoring said:

‘Savile Row in London has been a bastion of bespoke tailoring for almost 200 years. The extension of GI protection to non-agricultural products like Saville Row bespoke tailoring is important to London as it aims to protect and develop the art of bespoke tailoring as practised in Savile Row and the surrounding streets and ensuring that hand-craft tailoring continues.’


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