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Europe is at a crossroads on migration - we must not abandon our values, freedoms and liberties

Posted: Friday 22 Jun 2018

Ahead of this weekend’s emergency EU migration summit, Labour MEPs have reiterated calls for the urgent reform of the EU Dublin Regulation on asylum and work towards an effective and humane solution to the crisis - and not abandon the values, freedoms and liberties the European Union stands for.

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Migrant ship stranding shows urgent need for reform of EU rules and action to tackle root causes

Posted: Friday 15 Jun 2018

The stranding of more than six hundred migrants on board a ship off the coast of Italy once again highlights the urgent need for reforms to the EU Dublin Regulation on asylum and action to tackle the root causes, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament debated the humanitarian emergencies in the Mediterranean.

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Live webstreaming of Zuckerberg hearing will ensure transparency. Now for the answers

Posted: Monday 21 May 2018

Labour MEPs have welcomed the announcement tomorrow’s hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the abuse of users’ data will be webstreamed live, following pressure from the Socialists and Democrats Group to ensure greater transparency.

Claude Moraes MEP, chair of the European Parliament civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee, said:

“The issues raised by the data abuse scandal affect millions of European citizens, either because they have been directly affected by the practices of Cambridge Analytica or because they are Facebook’s users.


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Safeguards crucial to prevent repeat of Windrush scandal for EU citizens

Posted: Tuesday 24 Apr 2018

The application system for EU citizens to register in the UK post-Brexit must be set out in primary legislation or unilateral commitments to avoid a repeat of the Windrush scandal, Labour MEPs warned as the European Parliament today questioned Home Office officials on the UK government’s proposed registration system.

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Labour MEPs: European Parliament sends Polish government final warning on breaches of rule of law

Posted: Wednesday 28 Feb 2018

The European Parliament is set to vote for a resolution tomorrow condemning the descent into authoritarianism of the Polish government and calling on the Commission and Council to act unless Warsaw backs down and respects EU fundamental rights and the rule of law.

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Still not enough clarity on citizens’ rights, Labour MEPs warn as EP hears from some of the millions facing uncertain future

Posted: Wednesday 31 Jan 2018

There are still outstanding issues to be resolved on citizens’ rights, Labour MEPs warned ahead of tomorrow’s European Parliament hearing which will listen to evidence from, among others, the parliament’s Brexit negotiators and representatives of the three million EU citizens in the UK and more than one million UK citizens in the rest of the EU, who continue to live under a cloud of uncertainty.

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Labour MEPs: Davis must commission and publish regional impact assessments

Posted: Friday 05 Jan 2018


Labour MEPs have called on the government to commission and publish economic assessments of how Brexit will impact each region and nation of the UK.

In a letter to Brexit secretary David Davis, Richard Corbett MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European Parliament, writes:

“It is now more than one-and-a-half years since the referendum, and ten months since the triggering of Article 50, yet your government is still to explain what Brexit will actually look like, and what its impact will be for the people of the United Kingdom. Government ministers are in the process of taking decisions that will have long lasting and far reaching effects for our country – it is only right that those decisions are taken with an awareness of their likely impact.

“As regionally-elected representatives, we believe that it is imperative that an assessment is made of how the different possible paths open to the UK in the upcoming negotiations will affect families, businesses and communities in the British nations and regions - in particular the impact on jobs and the economy.

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Labour MEPs: Exit from Europol and defence agencies just the latest examples of danger of Tory Hard Brexit

Posted: Thursday 30 Nov 2017

Britain’s departure from Europol and the European Defence Agency is the inevitable result of the Tory Hard Brexit the UK is heading towards, a Brexit that will diminish our safety and security at home and influence abroad, Labour MEPs warned this week following Michel Barnier’s comments.

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Labour MEPs: UK must back new EU anti-terror measures and keep them after Brexit

Posted: Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

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The UK government must back new EU anti-terror measures announced today, and maintain them and continue to cooperate with our European partners after Brexit, Labour MEPs warned.

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Labour MEPs: EU must ensure national governments enforce air passenger rights

Posted: Tuesday 03 Oct 2017

Labour MEPs have urged the European Commission to exert the strongest possible pressure on national governments to ensure air passenger rights are fully enforced following the Ryanair flight cancellation crisis, which has affected 700,000 journeys.

MEPs will grill the Commission today on the thousands of cancelled flights and the enforcement of EU regulations on air passenger rights. Under European Law, passengers whose flights are cancelled are entitled to reimbursement, re-routing or return – yet Ryanair initially failed to inform customers of their rights, only belatedly doing so following the threat of legal action from the Civil Aviation Authority.


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