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Fighting Capital Punishment
Posted: Sunday 19 Dec 2010
Human Trafficking in Europe – Clear water between Cameron and Labour
Posted: Wednesday 15 Dec 2010
LGBT Rights in Europe and Serbia
Posted: Sunday 12 Dec 2010
Counter-terrorism and organised crime – why Europe counts
Posted: Sunday 05 Dec 2010
Europe, Clean Air, Climate Change and London
Posted: Tuesday 30 Nov 2010
European conservatives revert to type
Posted: Sunday 24 Oct 2010
Europe, and the realities of implementing human rights
Posted: Wednesday 13 Oct 2010
Sarkozy, Roma deportations and implications for the UK
Posted: Wednesday 08 Sep 2010
Turkey and the European Union – How forgetful does Mr Cameron think we are?
Posted: Friday 13 Aug 2010
Liberty or Security? With Labour and Europe, we have both
Posted: Tuesday 13 Jul 2010
The far right hasn't gone away
Posted: Saturday 19 Jun 2010
A serious selection, and a serious candidate for London
Posted: Wednesday 02 Jun 2010
Why these European elections really matter
Posted: Tuesday 26 May 2009
It is important that voters know the clear dividing lines between Labour and Tory MEPs
Posted: Friday 27 Feb 2009

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