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Claude Moraes MEP, lead on EU Inquiry into mass surveillance, reacts to President Obama NSA reform speech
Posted: Friday 17 Jan 2014
Airlines considering discriminatory pricing on flights
Posted: Thursday 06 Jun 2013
Fight against tax fraud, tax evasion and tax havens
Posted: Friday 31 May 2013
Cameron wants a ‘veto moment’ – but is an opt-out really a good thing for the UK?
Posted: Monday 15 Oct 2012
Mr Hollande's timing could not have been better, but time is short
Posted: Sunday 27 May 2012
What will Hollande mean for Europe?
Posted: Sunday 06 May 2012
Regardless of who wins in France, the damage has been done
Posted: Monday 23 Apr 2012
Why London needs Ken Livingstone
Posted: Monday 26 Mar 2012
Russia's elections spell more than trouble for Putin
Posted: Monday 19 Mar 2012
Syria and the West: Has the Arab Spring reached its limits?
Posted: Friday 17 Feb 2012
"Political drag" on the Common European Asylum System
Posted: Friday 10 Feb 2012
Europe in 2012
Posted: Monday 23 Jan 2012
Cameron is wrong on Europe
Posted: Friday 09 Dec 2011
Analysing the European crisis
Posted: Wednesday 23 Nov 2011
UPDATE: Eurozone Briefing
Posted: Wednesday 26 Oct 2011

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