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Turkey in Europe?

Posted: Thursday 20 Oct 2011
Category: EU policy

Turkey in Europe? The time is now, but passing fast

First published on Next Europe

In the 20th century, the European Union was founded for peace. In the 21st, Europe’s role has changed. Now, Europe competes in a globalised economy, promoting the values of 27 democracies. In this context, can we see Turkey joining the EU?


Slovakia and Europe's finances

Posted: Thursday 13 Oct 2011
Category: EU policy

Another credibility problem for Europe?

The Slovak parliament has voted against ratifying the Eurozone's bail-out mechanism.

The Slovak vote, and what it represents, is very important. What a small country thinks about Europe is just as important as any the views of any big country. That's the essence of democracy in practice.


Egypt: Is this a turning point?

Posted: Thursday 03 Feb 2011
Category: EU policy

Thousands of protestors in Egypt have found the courage to take to the streets, a legitimate demand for political reform that has inspired worldwide declarations of support and encouragement.

Egypt is a key regional player in the Middle East. This is what makes the protests, so inconceivable a few short weeks ago, now so important. No doubt the various media are correct when they say this sea change from order to disorder has, in part, come about due to inspiring recent events in Tunisia – the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ which resulted in the overthrow of Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. But there are wider, deeper reasons for these protests occurring now, and wider connotations outside the immediate region.