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"Political drag" on the Common European Asylum System

Posted: Friday 10 Feb 2012
Category: Immigration

By the end of 2012, the Common European Asylum System is due to be in place. The EU's member states agreed as much in 2008 and have affirmed as much since.

However, European Voice reports how Claude Moraes MEP has said that pledge has become “a running joke.”


Vince Cable finally goes nuclear

Posted: Thursday 14 Apr 2011
Category: Immigration

After 11 months of hinting, David Cameron has finally – and spectacularly - laid into immigration. Yet business secretary Vince Cable, demurring completely, has been swift to describe the Prime Minister as “very unwise”.

It is important to consider why Vince Cable has chosen immigration as the bridge he will not cross. Simply put, Cable understands the reality of a UK Prime Minister saying what he said today. If Vince Cable, a member of the government, can link Cameron’s vocal attack on immigration to a risk of “inflaming extremism” in the UK, then the rest of us, without the burden of collective cabinet responsibility, should also be under no illusions.