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Migrant ship stranding shows urgent need for reform of EU rules and action to tackle root causes
Posted: Friday 15 Jun 2018
Live webstreaming of Zuckerberg hearing will ensure transparency. Now for the answers
Posted: Monday 21 May 2018
Safeguards crucial to prevent repeat of Windrush scandal for EU citizens
Posted: Tuesday 24 Apr 2018
In wake of Facebook scandal, EU must back up data protection regulation with new ePrivacy laws, warn Labour MEPs
Posted: Thursday 19 Apr 2018
Impact of Brexit on Equality & anti-discrimination in EU & UK
Posted: Monday 09 Oct 2017
Don't threaten to cut intelligence ties in Brexit talks, UK warned
Posted: Tuesday 28 Feb 2017
UK and France must work together to ensure organised and compassionate response to the situation in Calais, warns senior Euro-MP
Posted: Wednesday 26 Oct 2016
My work on intergenerational solidarity and ageism in the UK & EU
Posted: Monday 01 Aug 2016
Update on my Parliamentary work on the Refugee Crisis
Posted: Monday 01 Aug 2016
EU-US data cooperation must put people's rights to privacy and secruity first
Posted: Monday 01 Aug 2016
Refugee crisis: Humanitarian concerns as winter draws nigh raised by Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes
Posted: Tuesday 06 Oct 2015
David Cameron's refugee announcement is underpinned by a deep cynicism, which will damage attempts at a co-operative European solution
Posted: Saturday 05 Sep 2015
Labour MEPs: Unless the Commission takes strong action now, more migrant lives will be lost
Posted: Wednesday 13 May 2015
EU summit: leaders must do more to end this tragedy in the Mediterranean
Posted: Friday 24 Apr 2015
Claude Moraes on the rights of older people in the Parliament's Ageing Intergroup
Posted: Sunday 15 Mar 2015

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